2017 RS WS N01 TR 485 plug in type agriculture soil moisture humidity transmitter

2017 RS WS N01 TR 485
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Product Description

Product Description

Soil moisture temperature and humidity transmitter is suitable for soil temperature and moisture measurement, by studying the main types of soil dielectric properties, and analysis may lead to differences in soil physical and chemical properties, the use of multiple types of soil contrast (Θ_v) and dielectric constant (K_a) of soils, and the applicability of various models. The soil moisture content was measured from drying to saturation in different soils, and then the TDR was measured. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, the calibration formula of the θ_v-K_a ~ (0.5) of the eight soils was established according to the actual water content and the measured dielectric constant. The accuracy of water content after correction is 3-5 times higher than that of traditional methods. This product is high precision, fast response, stable output. By the soil salt content of small, suitable for all kinds of soil. Long-term buried in the soil, resistant to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum potting, completely waterproof.

This product control chip imported 16-bit high-precision processor ad, to ensure that sampling accuracy, 64M frequency, to ensure efficient computing speed. The product output signal for the standard 485 signal, modbus protocol, the second development protocol is open.

Main technology
Supply power:
10~30V DC
Moisture measurement range :
0~100% RH
Temperature measurement range:
Moisture accuracy:
Temperature accuracy:
Work environment:
Output signal:
Parameter configuration:

(Measured frozen ice layer, the water value will be low is not accurate, the need for user compensation)

Electrical wiring



My company equipment default address 1, communication baud rate 4800, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit. Can be used as a secondary development module access PC software, PLC or configuration, etc., as follows:
(1) PC software secondary development.
In accordance with the standard Modbus-RTU protocol, use the 03 function code to query the device, the device receives a legal order to respond. The software polling interval and the waiting time-out are recommended to be 200ms or more. For detailed communication protocol and examples, please refer to the relevant part of the manual.
(2) access to PLC or Kunlun on-state, power control, configuration king and other configuration software.

2.1 New Equipment Select "PLC" --- "Modicon" --- "ModbusRTU".
2.2 In the definition of variables, the variable type selection IO real number, data type selection SHORT (16-bit signed number).
2.3 Register operation, register type "HR holding register (03)", Kunlun on-state to be set to "4-zone output register", read and write attribute "read only", humidity register 40001 (force control need to set Bias 1) or temperature 40002 (force control need to be set to bias 2).
2.4 The communication time-out and the acquisition frequency are recommended to be set at 200ms or more.
2.5 communication is successful, the register value divided by 10 to get the real temperature and humidity data.

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